joseph eschenberg
"A thoroughly urban sensibility of the images adds tangible dimension to the elusive, soulful nature of each piece's energy..”

I grew up in the Thousand Islands Region of New York State and now reside on the Napeague Stretch on Long Island. “Street Art” style presents throughout my entire artistic production: a balance of chaos and control. On the street is where I get my inspiration. I have always noticed things a bit off centered. How light affects the appearance of objects throughout the day and the beauty in objects that are worn & torn, ragged, chipped and cracked.

Being a self-taught artist, my life experience thus far has led to improvisational and direct action in the arts. I fuse together paint, photography and construction material for many of my projects. Common materials used might be acrylic & enamel paint, wood, steel, copper, plastic, aluminum, nuts & bolts, photos and found objects.